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Lake Oswego, Oregon, US

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We help kingdom minded leaders build kingdom-class companies. Kingdom Business Coaching™ is a global network of business trainers, coaches, and consultants all working to Advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. We strive to go beyond world-class and provide kingdom-class business support to our clients who consider themselves marketplace missionaries. Together we work to transform the global marketplace.

Our Mission
Helping kingdom companies achieve transformational results.

Our Services

  • Ask a Kingdom Business Coach
  • Group Coaching
  • Customized Coaching
  • Elite Coaching


KBC is an international business coaching and consulting practice that uses a proactive 360-degree coaching approach with various strategic tools and experienced coaches to help clients achieve the following objectives: build healthy God-honoring families and relationships, build kingdom companies that align with their values, grow their top and bottom line with kingdom impact.

KBC Coaching Certification is also available for those seeking to be a Kingdom Business Coach, to coach kingdom companies at any stage of business to the next using our 3 keys model.